Zombie Halloween FX Makeup

Hungry for brains?

We’ve got you covered.

Halloween 5

Have a very Ginger Me Glam Halloween, with hair and makeup expert Stephanie Carmouche.

Halloween 4

Inspired by Mykie from Glam & Gore, Stephanie will take us into a night full of gore. Steph is showing us how to get our freaky, creepy zombie on here. I’ve always wanted to do a zombie halloween makeup look, so I’m excited to share this video with you!

Ginger Me Glam X Stephanie Carmouche Zombie FX Look

This is the first video in our two video Halloween video series. We have all the supplies listed in the description, which you’ll need to complete this look. We know you’re dying to know 🙂

Ginger Me Glam X Stephanie Carmouche Zombie FX Makeup Look

Are you ready?


XoXo Kitty

Post Link: http://gingermeglam.com/?p=1401

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