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Miami’s Very Own Ginger Mermaid

305 in the 512: It’s fate we’d be friends in an instant! Boutique Feature: Bossa Captiva Boutique @bossacaptivaboutique warms up chilly ATX with Miami heat! I’m wearing this vibrant maxi dress, with colorfully fun stripes in a sleek material. FUN FACT: It is dubbed the “Oye Mama Maxi”, after we had an inspirational shoot. “305 ’til…

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Must-Have Designer Handbags with an Artist’s Twist: Meet Vince Herrera

Deteriorated Floral IV Acrylics on Coach Stanton 26 Carryall Purse Retail: $295 Vince Herrera’s Price for this handbag’s completed look: $600 Signed on Handbag. (Includes certificate of authenticity) Artist Vince Herrera paints on designer handbags to bring back style statements to your wardrobe. (All images/art are created, owned and credited by Vince Herrera.)  Vince Herrera is one of…

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Business and Babies

Business and babies: How do I find time to schedule business, exercise and errands, while raising a baby?  Patience, planning and meditation help everything run smoothly. I make sure all priorities make their way into my iCal as soon as possible. Otherwise, it probably won’t happen. No one likes overbooking or getting stood up, so…

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