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Kelly Wynne Grand Opening Party

We had such a great time at the Kelly Wynne Grand Opening Party! I even won a wallet from the confetti party poppers 🙂 Of course, you know I might as well be “Lady Luck!” See what you missed, and plan your next shopping adventure to visit the new Kelly Wynne Handbag store at The…

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Business and Babies

Business and babies: How do I find time to schedule business, exercise and errands, while raising a baby?  Patience, planning and meditation help everything run smoothly. I make sure all priorities make their way into my iCal as soon as possible. Otherwise, it probably won’t happen. No one likes overbooking or getting stood up, so…

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Set Boundaries

Welcome to the 1st Weekly Tarot Reading! Every week, you’ll find a weekly tarot fashion scope here under Cosmos & Crystals. It’s my fun way of trend forecasting and showcasing my favorite styles. Born under the sign of the ginger, with a passion for loud statements, here’s to the unapologetic fashion babes! 🙂 Define the…

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