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Let’s be Friends!

Friendship is important. We’ll always be strangers, until you reach out and connect. Want to collaborate? Want to hang out? Want to try something new? Put yourself out there, make mistakes, grow, have fun and be yourself. It’s a wonderful thing to let dreams come together and create something new, exciting and genuine. What’s your…

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Break Free

Make a decision and grow! Ok, so now what? It can be a bit confusing at this time, with important decisions ahead of you. However, you already know the answer. STOP avoiding the call to action, and make your decision now. Blah, blah, blah… You know those people who are unpaid critics? Pray for them….

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Set Boundaries

Welcome to the 1st Weekly Tarot Reading! Every week, you’ll find a weekly tarot fashion scope here under Cosmos & Crystals. It’s my fun way of trend forecasting and showcasing my favorite styles. Born under the sign of the ginger, with a passion for loud statements, here’s to the unapologetic fashion babes! 🙂 Define the…

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