size celebration - kitty of ginger me glam

(X-posted excerpt from Boss Babes ATX – Thanks to Stef Atkinson for the photos!)

#sizecelebration is a #bossbabesATX series of photos and interviews, featuring women of different sizes in dressing rooms, proudly disrobing to dispel negative body image. These portraits were taken by Stef Atkinson, in conjunction with and in the dressing rooms of SoLa.

So, goodbye, fat-shaming. Goodbye, skinny-shaming. Toodles, crying in dressing rooms. We’re done with you.

Meet this week’s #sizecelebration model, Natalie Merola-Garcia (Kitty).

size celebration - kitty of ginger me glam

(Photo courtesy of Stef Atkinson)

Society needs to remove harmful phrases like these, but not limited to: “You look great for a _____”, “If you would lose weight, you could ______”, and “Gosh! Eat a cheeseburger! You’re so ______.” We want to feel valued, but the only way to do this is to allow ourselves to validate our own identity. Taking control of our peace and size, it first starts at home.

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