Set Boundaries

Welcome to the 1st Weekly Tarot Reading!


Every week, you’ll find a weekly tarot fashion scope here under Cosmos & Crystals. It’s my fun way of trend forecasting and showcasing my favorite styles. Born under the sign of the ginger, with a passion for loud statements, here’s to the unapologetic fashion babes! 🙂

Define the line.

Our clothes tell a story of our own self-expression, so we should define ourselves with strength, honor and courage.

  • Strength

    • Wear what makes you feel good!
  • Honor

    • Embrace yourself!
  • Courage

    • Find ways to try new things and be yourself!

When we dress for success and still stay true to who we are as an individual, we are showing that we have set boundaries for ourselves and others.

What does it mean to set boundaries?

We have relationships with friends, family, our significant other, money, health, etc. Based on what we allow from these people and things shows our sense of boundaries or the lack of boundaries. For clarification, setting boundaries in this post does not mean body shaming or slut shaming women into covering up. However, it does mean dress the part of whatever role it is you’re seeking to attain!

The Cosmos & Crystals 411

With this weekly tarot reading, there’s a direct focus on love and money. Whether you’re looking to prepare for a career change or find true love, now is a great time. (My purpose is to help you have fun, be yourself and feel happy.) Let’s just say now, until early next year, the cosmos have opened up a wormhole to get rid of dead weight! Say goodbye to bad romances, drab wardrobes and soul-crushing 9-5’s.

It’s your time to shine, so get out there and manifest it, babes!


If you’re career sector is in the clear, but you need help in matters of the heart,  disregard the sea of f*ckboys. Now is your chance to find your true agape. If you’re looking to add new staples to your collection, pick that outfit you’ve left in your cart online and go for it.

Whether you’re a classic, eclectic or trendy gal, up the ante with pieces that’ll enhance your magical charm. (I know red is a dangerous pick for me, haha!) What’s your power look? Trust your instincts and know your personal style! You’re already flawless, but you’ll get an added boost of energy and feel great in those new threads. (Dress the way you love, but don’t fall for the Netflix and Chill game…)

This wardrobe change will remind you of your inner power and connect you with those who see the real you through and through it all.

If you’re secure in love, let it smolder some deeper connections. Make time for a hot date with your love and get sensual with a suede (or faux suede) look. It’s great to know who you are, what you want and love someone who reciprocates it, too.

This is the time for clarity and action. After much trial and error, you know what you want and finally, you’re connecting the dots to what you deserve. Clarity goes a long way, and boundaries help remind us what we need.


To ramp up the CEO and leadership vibes, dress like you’re ready for it. Or if you’re looking to attract a business partner, dress the way you’d enter a meeting with him or her. You don’t need money, ladies. Money needs you! That’s right. Dress like it needs to hop in your bank account, because the banks are on fire.

Attract those $ signs and let the commas grow to 6 figures.

Take your dream biz idea and show the world you’re made of ultimate unicorn, rainbow magic! Believe in yourself and carry a citrine for good luck.

My favorite power look is the classic pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, heels to bring me closer to heaven and red lipstick to keep me on my fiery, ginger way. I added a little gallery of items I love right now, and these looks tie in well with my theme for love and career/money 🙂

Are you ready?

Dare to step out and get what you want out of this world. To conquer the climb to the top, build a strong foundation based on clear expectations and definitive boundaries. The sky is the limit, but we take our success to another level.

#redhotthoughts: Embrace the changes ahead of you. You aren’t full of yourself, if you’ve gone through a lot and set boundaries, because you know you’re worth it. It means you’ve got one hell of a spirit! Keep up the good fight. You’re closer than you think 🙂

XoXo Kitty

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