Online Shopping for New Glasses with Firmoo

Firmoo reached out to me and sent me a code to get a free pair of glasses in exchange for my 100% ginger review. I personally enjoy shopping online for glasses, since I already have an updated prescription and prefer not to spend all of my money at a retail eyewear store. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping in pajamas and in the comfort of your own home at any given time? Now, you can decide if this would be a great way to shop for glasses, too. My subscribers can get their own coupon codes from the BOGO link on YouTube. With the code, you can get two pairs, but you’ll only need to pay for one. The other pair is free, which includes the frames and standard lenses.

I loved sifting through the different selections on the site. It was pretty easy to search for different colors, shapes and sizes. I enjoy my colorful eyewear collection, and it needed a touch of sophistication. These lightweight glasses are affordable, since the styles are under $39 on the site. Do yourself a favor and try out the BOGO sale. What styles are your favorite on the site? I hope you liked my little shopping adventure online, and thanks for watching!

********This video is sponsored in exchange for my 100% ginger opinion. If you have any questions about my shopping experience, please leave a comment on YouTube, and I’d be happy to answer.**********

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