F1 FULL TILT Fashion Experience

FULL TILT Fashion Experience + BLU Party ATX + My Yacht Club

Oct 21, 2016 @ 213 W 5th Street, Austin TX

Presented by Formula VIP Events, Austin TX

Produced by Kylie Bollwitt of Fashion X and Lisa Chappell Miller of a Fresh Stage

Executive Producer Ginger Leigh of Formula VIP Events

Full Tilt Fashion Experience: 1st Time in Austin!


Welcome to my first year creating and managing the digital components to a fashion show! Putting on the big girl pants, I had such a great time getting to work on one of my favorite projects to this date. What an exciting time to be part of something so special! During the 5th Full Tilt Fashion Show in 2016, with Formula VIP Events of Austin,

…the City of Austin proclaimed October 21, 2016 as FULL TILT Fashion Day. –It’s official, folks!

full-tilt-f1-2016-09Before the models walked, guests tried on the custom lip sheen for Full Tilt by A-list celebrity makeup artist Lauren Kaye Cohen. Cleverly named Victory Lap on her new label Laugh Kiss Care, guests puckered up and posed for the kiss cam to show their support for the fun red lippie.


Holly Mills-Gardner hosted before the gorgeous collections flocked to the podiums throughout the historic venue. (Oh, I just LOVED her dress! I was amazed she got up and down the podium with such grace, too. Lord knows I would’ve fallen like a stage dive at a rock concert 😉 ) My favorite show component is the philanthropy: with each virtual ticket sale, a portion of the proceeds from tickets and art sales by artist Deborah Argyropoulus’ race inspired works went towards the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. That’s some girl power I can get behind right here. 🙂

Collaborate, create and have fun: This all women dream team was a pleasure to work with on the event!


This. Is. Sloane takes the podium in colorful spirit.

Kylie Bollwitt of Fashion X as co-producer, Lisa Chappell Miller as the producer, Ginger Leigh as executive producer, and with myself taking the reigns for the digital component, we brought inspiration from the New York Fashion Week collection presentations and gave Austin a taste of when the runway walks digitally into a real world crowd.


Photographers and guests could interact with collections up-close and personal. Whether you’re at home or at the show, we live posted to Instagram and Snapchat with the behind-the-scenes looks at the coveted must-haves from each designer collection.

12 Designers. 40 Models. An old venue revived. A new fashion experience emerged.


Daniel Esquivel shows off that prep school charm.

Miller approached me with the idea of merging my digital communication skills and the ability to convert digital app usage into sales for designers. “The City of Austin has been making an effort to support and raise the visibility of it’s vibrant fashion industry over the past two years, and I felt we could utilize the FULL TILT Fashion Experience to incorporate an international sports event, the talents of Texas designers and the availability of everyday smartphone apps to showcase fashion in a brand new, exciting way,” explained Miller.  “The cherry on top of this format with the digital assets is that show viewers will have an ‘album’ on their phones of the items showcased, and a way to purchase them by contacting the designers and retailers.  Converting admiration and interest in their designs into sales of their designs has always been a challenge for designers participating in typical runway shows,” according to Miller.

Ready for next year? You better believe it!


Your favorite ginger on the scene: me 🙂 <3

This new format had everyone blown away, full of energy and ready for more. It was a whirlwind of nonstop style in a 360 degree view, and the rush was worth the wait and experience. I wanted to get every shot possible for those at home or in-house looking for the designer’s name to purchase the styles after the show. (If you think it is easy to snap, tag and post every couple of seconds, plus use effective social media strategies with other channels at the same time, while running around and not sweating, yeah, right and good luck!) Somehow, my glittery boots survived and we successfully pulled off a unique, fresh and exciting fashion presentation to our tech savvy city of Austin!


XoXo Kitty


Additional event recaps are on the following social media sites and websites:

Facebook: FULL TILT Fashion Show

Snapchat: @FTBluCarpetATX

Instagram: @Full Tilt Austin and @FTBluCarpetATX

Facebook: BLU Austin




Benefiting local non-profit:

Breast Cancer Resource Center www.bcrc.org


Deborah Argyrpoulos, Fine Artist



Presenting Designers:

  • Daniel Esquivel
  • Danny Nguyen Couture
  • Nina Means
  • Black + Cross by Midi Soliz
  • SixChel by Dina Chavez
  • The Ross Bennett Collection
  • Sally Daneshjou Collection
  • Becky Hollands
  • Maya Star
  • Finell
  • Abi Ferrin
  • Masha Osoianu
  • Mysterious by NPN
  • Corsetti Imports
  • Gay Isber Designs
  • Hawins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs


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