Cotton Candy Street Style

Pink and blue is an open opportunity.


Who says you have to be a boy or a girl to love pink and blue?! Thanks to the Pantone Colors of 2016, the conversation is even louder. Although this isn’t The Matrix, which one will you choose: pink or blue? (Cotton candy wins in the end 🙂 ) If you aren’t a fan, I’ve also included spring runway to street style trends you can expect to see.

Shop some of my favorites and look like a glamorous cotton candy puff.

I’m excited for the spring trends to hit the streets:

    • 70s-friendly suede and bootcut/flare jeans
      • The fringe hasn’t gone anywhere when you live in Texas—and that’s a good thing.
    • Lobs are back (but I won’t chop my hair off…)
    • Enjoy a clash of prints and textures
    • Grunge is a lifestyle—and a runway show, too. (THANK YOU, Louis Vuitton! <3 You make my heart sing.)
        • The plaid is creeping back in from the last two seasons, with nowhere to go but your next rock concert or lumberjack convention. (I’m not complaining!)

    • Flat mules (No burros here, but I’m LOVING the Steve Madden ones right now. Get on that ASAP!)
    • Lingerie is back, but my goth and rave friends have kept this one alive and well. (Nothing new to see, people.)
    • If you’re looking to break out of the pastels, a great alternative to welcome a new fashion year is ::drum roll:: ORANGE!
      • If the color isn’t doing it for you, simply enjoy the next season of Orange is the New Black in the near future…
    • Tried and true comebacks that never leave the springtime cyclical style rotation: the white shirt (reinvented over and over) and lightweight denim (duh!) 🙂

 Ok, so are you jumping off a bridge for loafers?

NO: I’m not switching out my distressed, disheveled looks and sneakers for loafers. No way. I’ve always loathed them. I just can’t. Sorry. With an hourglass shape, the X-style and Victorian dresses and tops will simply not do. (Mesh and lace are more exciting!) Neither will the pleats or paper bag waist styles work with some extra junk in the trunk. (Big booty cutie alert!)

I curated some fun items from some of my favorite designers and styles, so rock these with bold personality or subtle sophistication. (I’ll be sure to cause chaos with mixed prints and textures.) You’ll find some beauty products I’m currently digging, too.


If you have any styles or beauty products that you’d like me to review or need tips and tricks, send your quests my way:

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XoXo Kitty


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